Papa Bear Mens Camo Tee - Just in time for fall! Grab up one for your favorite papa bear! This camo tee runs true to size for men. Now your papa bear can get ready to get out in nature, under cover! 

The design is available in white or hunter orange. Custom color requests are available. 

This shirt can be personalized at no extra charge! Great camo papa bear shirt. We can make it say Daddy Bear, Grandpa Bear - whatever your papa bears name is - we have you covered in the softest camo tee available.

Get our signature wolf pack papa crew neck t-shirt for your next family event. This crew neck shirt is stunning with this classic Gypsy Junk signature papa bear graphic design. 

Got a great papa bear in your life? Show him off with this great camo shirt. Great gift for the man in your life, new dads, and grand dads. 
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